Do Aquarium Test Kits Go bad?

do aquarium test kits go bad

Aquarium test kits are essential to fishkeepers. We use them to assess the conditions in our fish tanks that we can’t gauge without the necessary tools. It is crucial to know the conditions in our aquariums since it can be the difference between life and death for fish. Since test kits are so important, it … Read more

Does your Aquarium have the Right Lighting System?

Aquarium Lighting

Your aquarium is a whole other world, and the lighting you install can make all the difference in how your underwater friends will react. The right fish tank light can help with plant growth while also keeping your corals healthy. As an aquarist, it’s essential to know which type of light is best for your … Read more

Top 10 Common Aquarium Mistakes New Hobbyists Make: How to Avoid Them

Common Mistakes

It’s easy to make aquarium mistakes when you’re a beginner. Fortunately, you can avoid them. Read on and learn how to set your new aquarium up for success! COMMON AQUARIUM MISTAKES 1. Overfeeding the fish. Because fish feed often comes with instructions to feed the fish 2-3x a day, new aquarium owners almost always fall … Read more

Can Algae Eaters live Turtles?


Algae eaters are a great way to get rid of algae in your tank. They will graze on the plant and consume it so that it would not grow back as quickly and cause problems down the line for other inhabitants in the aquarium. Aquarists who keep turtles have a lot of trouble finding compatible … Read more