Fish Shocked after Water Change: What to do?

Fish Shock

Fish, unlike humans, are cold-blooded creatures. They rely on their environment to keep functional stability in their bodies. Aquarists tend to mimic the natural habitat of their pets as much as possible. The conditions for fish survival can be maintained and groomed in various ways. Water change is one way to keep the conditions tanks … Read more

Can Aquariums be used as Terrariums?


Terrariums have been gaining popularity. Their low maintenance has made them a favorable hobby in a world where almost everyone has a million things to do – at once. For aquarists,  terrariums may be a foreign concept, but those familiar with them can’t help but ask- Can I use my old fish tank/aquarium as a … Read more

What Causes Low pH in an Aquarium?


Water quality is an essential factor in your fish being comfortable in their artificial environment. pH is one of the parameters that determine water quality. At times, it is the difference between life and death to fish. What causes low pH in aquarium or fish tank water? Aquarium water experiences many pH changes due to … Read more

Are Fish always Hungry?

  Every aquarist can attest to this; fish love begging for food. Whether you have fed them three days or 2 minutes ago is of no consequence. They will rush towards you whenever you pass by the aquarium and will eat everything you chuck out for them. Are they always hungry or just greedy?  Why … Read more

How long do Beneficial bacteria take to grow?

As a beginner aquarist, you’re always told about how vital cycling your new fish tank is. Specifically,  you want to know how long these famous beneficial bacteria take to grow! In the cycling of water in aquariums, beneficial bacteria take anywhere between 14 days to 2 months to grow fully. It largely depends on the … Read more

How to Clean off Algae from Glass?

Algae, algae, algae…how do you feel about them? Tell me below. If you’re like me, they can be frustrating and quite a soar to the eye. Apart from turning your beautiful aquarium into an ugly and dirty one, it obstructs the view of the aquarium when stuck on the glass. It is very disappointing as … Read more

When Should I Feed My Fish for the First Time?

When to feed your fish

Setting up new tanks and introducing fish into them is very exciting. The possibilities are enticing and you can’t help anticipate what the future has in store for you and your tank,

After acclimatization of fish in the aquarium, the next thought is when you are supposed to feed your fish – for the first time.