how long go guppy fry take to grow?

How Long Do Guppies Take to Grow?

Guppies, also known as the rainbow fish, are among the most popular domesticated fish in America and worldwide. Amongst many other reasons, their ability to reproduce quickly has garnered them even more popularity. Of...

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Aquarium Equipment

Aquarium Equipment – The Basics

Freshwater aquarium setups can range anywhere from under $100 to well above $1000. This will all depend on the size of aquarium you want and what you’re willing to spend on other aquarium equipment. We will look at the options...

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Indian Almond Leaves

Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa)

The fantastic Indian almond leaves come from the (catappa tree) not from an almond tree, as the name leads you to suspect. The trees grow in tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia. Varying leave sizes from 6 to 10 inches...

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