how long go guppy fry take to grow?

How Long Do Guppies Take to Grow?

Guppies, also known as the rainbow fish, are among the most popular domesticated fish in America and worldwide. Amongst many other reasons, their ability to reproduce quickly has garnered them even more popularity. Of...

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Aquarium Hood DIY


You have an aquarium but no aquarium hood; you start searching for a hood.  Soon you realize that the cost can vary from $15-50 or even higher if your aquarium is large for a glass hood. This may not be a problem if you have one...

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Breeding Cichlids

How to Breed Cichlids

It is time to select a Cichlid to breed if you haven’t currently. Which to choose genuinely comes down to choice and limitations. Breeding can be pretty pricey for Cichlids require considerably more than other folks, such as...

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