What to do When the Aquarium Heater Breaks?

What to do When the Aquarium Heater Breaks?

Aquarium heaters are a crucial part of any aquarium setup. They control the temperature of your water and keep it at a level that is comfortable for your fish. So what happens when a heater stops doing what it is meant to do? Perhaps, the heaters keep the temperature way above or below a fish … Read more

How Long Do Guppies Take to Grow?

how long go guppy fry take to grow?

Guppies, also known as the rainbow fish, are among the most popular domesticated fish in America and worldwide. Amongst many other reasons, their ability to reproduce quickly has garnered them even more popularity. Of course, the excitement of having new guppy fry eventually leads one to question how long they will take to grow fully. … Read more

How to Breed Cichlids

Breeding Cichlids

It is time to select a Cichlid to breed if you haven’t currently. Which to choose genuinely comes down to choice and limitations. Breeding can be pretty pricey for Cichlids require considerably more than other folks, such as tank size, water conditions, and other tools, but most of all skill and hard work. For your … Read more

Getting Rid of Koi Pond Algae Using Natural Methods!

Koi Fish

Without a doubt, koi pond algae are most certainly the biggest thorn in the side of koi fish keepers… not only because of the ugly appearance and odor it creates… but because of a more harmful reason – algae threatens the very lives of their fish if not stamped out fast! And yet the truth … Read more