Gold Fish

The worst thing that you can do to your goldfish is to contain it in a fishbowl. Yes, the old practice of putting a goldfish in a fishbowl is terrible. So how can you take care of your goldfish and ensure it lives a long and healthy life?

Here are some of the points you should take note of to take care of your goldfish:

Get a good size fish tank

The reason why fish bowls are bad is the exact reason why you should get a big fish tank. Goldfish need a lot of water space to swim in. So the rule of thumb is to increase the size of a fish tank by 10 gallons for every additional goldfish.

Goldfish grow to a large size. When they’re taken good care of, they grow up to a foot long. So it would be wise to get the biggest tank you can afford than to buy replacement fish tanks every time your goldfish grows.

And remember, depending on the number of other things taking up space in your aquarium, a 50-gallon fish tank could only hold 3-4 goldfish.

Do not overcrowd

Getting the right fish tank size is not just the step you should take to ensure your goldfish stays happy and healthy. Goldfish defecate a lot. So, more goldfish means more fish wastes to manage. And that is another reason why you shouldn’t get more goldfish than your fish tank can hold.

Gold Fish

Regular aquarium cleaning and water changes

Because goldfish poops a lot, you need to make sure you clean your aquarium and change its water regularly. As with all kinds of fish, water quality is vital in caring for your goldfish. To take care of your goldfish, clean the aquarium and perform a 20% water change at least once per week. This ensures that the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates content of the water is taken care of.

Temperature changes

Goldfish can survive in low-temperature water. What they can’t survive are sudden temperature changes. To combat this, get a heater to regulate and maintain the temperature of the water.

Goldfish can go as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the ideal temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get a filter

All fish tanks need filters to deal with ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. But consider it more important if you have a goldfish. Like mentioned before, they do produce a lot of waste.

There are three types of filters: biological, chemical, and mechanical. Biological filters are anything(like rocks) that can act as a suitable medium for good bacteria to grow. Chemical filters are mostly activated carbons placed inside a filtration system. Finally, mechanical filters are those that remove the waste of the aquarium physically through pressure suction.

To take care of your goldfish, you need to get a mechanical filter at least. The consensus is to get a filter one size bigger than what the size of your fish tank requires.

Get live plants

Because goldfish are freshwater fish, they need more oxygen than other aquarium fish. Live plants provide oxygen and serve as an excellent place for beneficial bacteria to grow. Thus, it will not only stop your goldfish from continually gasping on the surface for oxygen, but it will also take care of toxic bacteria in the water.

Healthy diet

Goldfish are omnivores, and they need a varied diet to stay healthy. This is one more reason to have a planted tank. Having plants in your aquarium will ensure that your goldfish will have a good and balanced diet.

So, keep all these in mind, and you’ll have a healthy and thriving goldfish in your fish tank. When they’re healthy, that’s when you know that you’re taking proper care of your goldfish.